1 Mei 2013

Reportase: Starting From Data, Master Chaotic Professional Allowance

Indonesian teacher demonstration
Indonesian Education Ministry crisis of confidence, criticized harshly by PGRI (Indonesian Teachers Association). Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) Sulistiyo said, until now there are still reports of professional allowances that have not been to. Improvement of teacher education as well just not taken care of by the ministry.

According Sulistiyo, the amount of the education budget in the state budget (Budget) does not have much effect on the completion of education issues, including teacher allowances delays and there is no certainty the status of part-time teachers.

"Kemdikbud lot of money, until the remains. Fact, in the area of ​​teachers in the school itself. Said channeled, but baseball is the recipient. So, ask the Education Minister channeled through PGRI," said Sulistiyo after meeting with the Education Minister in Kemdikbud, Jakarta, Tuesday (30.04.2013).

Chaotic allowance that would not go up until today was originated from the data in Kemdikbud teachers are not good. To that end, PGRI requested that Data Basic Education (Dapodik) is the reference data to be abolished.

"We can report to April 30, many are not yet up. Problem turned out to exist in dapodik. To that end, we propose dapodik removed sebagari qualified to receive professional allowances," said Sulistiyo.

As for the completion of temporary employees, the ministry will hold PGRI to fix it. Thus, the temporary employees who had been assessed as very low income will soon be resolved and earn a reasonable minimum.

"So, immediately before the completion of honorary workers form a team, consisting of Kemdikbud, teachers and principals," he said.

news source: kompas grup